Strategic Science Consult GmbH
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Company facts

    The SSC Ltd is a young research oriented biotechnological company which develops microalgal technology since 2009. With our recently developed techniques and devices we were in 2011 capable to plan a bioreactor facade and build one in 2012 at the International Building exhibition in Hamburg Wilhelmsburg.

    At this device we will proof feasibility and determine the competitiveness with photovoltaik and solarthermal systems. The product name of our bioreactor facade is SolarLeaf.

    Because bioreactor facades should be integrated into a consise energy concept we offer to our customers the necessary
    - development of concepts
    - analysis of economic viability
    - maintenance of the device
    - contract research.

    Within the frame of the International building exhibition the bioreactor facade was implemented worldwide for the first time at a residential building in March 2013. Link BIQ

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