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Technologies for the Exploration of the Resouce Microalgae (TERM)


For research and development work the SSC Ltd. runs a pilot plant at Hamburg Reibrook, which was inaugurated on August 2, 2008. This plant is coupled to a heat and power plant of the E.on Hanse AG.

The develoments made during 2008-2012

- Process and systems engineering for harvesting algae
- Process and systems engineering for the saturation with flue gas
- Thermal insulated photobioreactors
- Methods for the extraction of dissolved organic matter
- Process management of biomass production
- Facade bioreactor constructions

Under development during 2013-2014
- Remote control of bioreactor facades
- Integration of photovoltaic thin layers into photobioreactors
- Construction of glued PBR made of glass
- Coupling of microalgal production with hydrothermal conversion of biomass