Noise Protection System   

Open Question

Soundproof walls offer the possibility to integrate solar energy systems into the construction. However, photovoltaic systems are usually not economical due to the high production costs and low electricity yields. In contrast, bioenergy facades which produce heat and biogenic raw materials achieve higher yields than PV systems. For their integration into sound insulation walls, they must meet the requirements for sound insulation.

Approach of Research

Because the bioenergy facade is constructed by three  layers the noise reduction can be increased to > 50 dB and thus to a protection class 6 by variation of the thickness of the layers and the distance between each other. 

Aim of Research 

A post-and-beam construction makes it possible to integrate the bioenergy façade into established standard constructions for sound insulation walls without any additional effort. Ongoing research is concerned with the further improvement of the sound insulation.

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