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Our mission

SSC is a research driven bioengineering company offering cutting-edge facilities and procedures specialized for the production of pharmaceuticals and nutriceuticals from phototrophic microorganisms. Based on our products we plan, build and operate customized production systems for your individual technology requirements which allow you to improve your business in efficiency, economic viability and sustainability.

Our products 

All products have been developed in intensive scientific research, tested over many years in laboratory and pilot plants and successfully used on an industrial scale. You can order individual devices or complete, ready-to-operate systems.

Bioenergy facades

SSC is the only company in the world to offer bioenergy facades. We founded our subsidiary cellparc GmbH for the planning, construction and operation of bioenergy facades.


The first large-scale bioenergy façade of 186 m2 aktive area was built at a residential building in Hamburg in 2013 - commonly known as BIQ The Algae House - and has been successfully operated by SSC ever since. As a service, we offer guided tours by experts for visitors.


Production facility

Basic element is the photobioreactor (SolarLeaf version 3.0) made of glass exhibiting an active layer of only 1 cm and thus an optimal surface to volume ratio.


Large scale production facility of flat panel photobioreactors with LED irradiation

Harvesting facility

Allows to enrich the microorganisms from large volumes at low energy costs up to 10 % wt. in the retentate.

In situ extraction facility

Allows the extraction of about 70 % of the lipophilic substances from living cells.


Extraction device of laboratory scale

Logic control system 

Our facilities are modular, cover all steps in production and  run fully automated by a logic control. 



Our services 

We offer planning, construction and maintenance services in order to deliver products that are tailored to our customers' requirements. These are supplemented by process control engineering development services for automated operation.

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