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All our products are the result of intensive research and development. The new scientific findings have been published in international peer-reviewed journals. The most important publications on the facilities and procedures we offer are listed below.

Production device



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Process conditions

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Helamieh, M., Reich, M., Rohne, P., Riebesell, U., Kerner, M., Kümmerer, K. 2023. Impact of green and blue-green light on the growth, pigment concentration, and fatty acid unsaturation in the microalga Monoraphidium braune. Photochem. Photobiol. 9. DOI: 10.1111.php.13873.

Helamieh, M., Gebhardt, A., Reich, M., Kuhn, F., Kerner, M., Kümmerer, K. 2021. Growth and fatty acid composition of Acutodesmus obliquus under different light spectra and temperature. Lipids. DOI: 10-1002/lipid.12316.

Helamieh, Mark; Gehrke, Kai; Osterthun, Norbert; Vehse, Martin, Kerner, Martin. 2021. Photosynthese und Photovoltaik in hybriden Fassadensystemen – Entwicklung semitransparenter Photovoltaikmodule für gebäudeintegrierte Hybridsysteme aus Photosynthese und Photo-voltaik zur komplementären Nutzung des Sonnenlichts. BBSR-Online-Publikation 20/2021, Bonn


N. Osterthun et al. 2018. Spectrally Selective Solar Cells for Simultaneous Use of Photosynthesis and Photovoltaics; EU-PVSEC

​Logic control

Kerner, M, Gebken, T., Sundarrao, I., Hindersin, S. & D. Sauss. 2019. Development of a control logic to cover the demand for heat in a building with algae production in a bioenergy facade. Energy and Buildings 184: 65-71


Europäisches Patent Nr. EP 2 228 432 A1. Bioreaktor und Verfahren zum Betrieb eines Bioreaktors.


Europäisches Patent Nr. 2533627. Fassadenelement, Fassadenkonstruktion und Gebäude.


Patent DE 10 2013 217 653 A1 2015.03.05

Extraction method

Method of extracting hydrophobic compounds. Europäische Patentanmeldung. EP17164705.0  


Racheva, R, Tietgens, T., Kerner, M. & Smirnova I. 2018. In situ continuous countercurrent cloud point extraction of microalgae cultures. Separation and Purification.

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Glembin, P, Racheva, R., M. Kerner and I. Smirnova. 2014. Micelle mediated extraction of fatty acids from microalgae cultures: Implementation for outdoor cultivation. Separation and Purification Technology 135: 127–134


Glembin, P, Racheva, R., M. Kerner and I. Smirnova. 2014. Micelle mediated extraction of fatty acids from microalgae cultures: Implementation for outdoor cultivation. Separation and Purification Technology 135: 127–134


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Waste water recycling

Abdel-Shafy, H., Moghazy, R., Mansur, M., Kerner, M. 2023. Growth of microalgae adapted to high light and temperature conditions in different types of wastewater. Wat. Sci. Tech. 88 (12). DOI: 10-2166/wst.2023.381.

Reymann, T., Kerner, M., Kümmerer, K. 2020. Assessment of the biotic and abiotic elimination processes of five micropollutants during cultivation of the green microalgae Acutodesmus obliquus. Bioresource Technology Reports, DOI : 10.1016/j.biteb.2020.100512

Foix-Cablé, M., R. A. Darmawan, M. Sahnoun, S. Hindersin, M. Kerner and M. Kraume. 2018. Nutrient recycling from the effluent of a decentralized anaerobic membrane bioreactor (AnMBR) treating fresh domestic wastewater by cultivation of the microalgae Acutodesmus obliquus. Water Sci. Technol. 78 (7): 1556-1565.

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