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How we direct our research 

We think that it needs new technologies to make our cities more sustainable and resource efficient. One approach for doing so are facades which are up to now barely used to produce solar energy and biogenic resources. Taking into account the high potential of facades we develop devices and techniques which combine architectural esthetics and efficient technology. A well known example of our research work is the worldwide first bioenergy facade which was built by SSC GmbH in 2013 and is continuously and successfully run since then.

Our technology on the market

The technology which we developed to a product is the bioenergy facade. It allows to produce heat and biogenic raw materials at high efficiencies from sunlight.  The technology is made commercially available by cellparc GmbH, a spin off of the SSC GmbH. cellparc offers comprehensive services which cover planning , building and maintainance of bioenergy facades. 

is one in which the supply with heat is both sustainable and economically viable. In which facades are not only facades but multifunctional systems with added value.

Our vision of  

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Our research strategies 

We develop our research strategies with the pretention to optimize our devices and techniques. This means for our bioenergy facades that the aim is to make the system more efficient with respect to energy conversion and to increase rentability. For doing so, we do research on hybrid systems. 


A second approach is to diversify the systems engineering which is directed to enbroaden the fields of application. For doing so we have established the research fields on sound protection systems and biogenic raw materials.


A third approach concerns the nexus between energy, water and food which we address by research work on the reuse of treated waste water.  

Biogenic Materials

Biogenic raw materials offer a wide range of applications covering usage for food, feed and cosmetics. To obtain and enrich the biogenic substances the SSC  has developed a special extraction method.

Hybrid Systems

Solar thermal and photovoltaic devices are well established systems. By integrating these into a bioenergy facade large synergy effects can be obtained.

Water recycling

The resource water is of evidentially high importance. To solve the problem of water scarcity in aridic regions the SSC develops decentralized waste water treatment and reuse technology. 

Noise protection

Noise protection is of increasing importance due to redensification of cities and an increase of traffic. Based on the concept of bioenergy facades SSC develops innovative solutions. 

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